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  • What is Triball?

    Triball is London's first weekly 3-sided football league, started on some simple principles.

    Have fun!

    Triball is all about providing people with a way of playing a great sport in a friendly, respectful environment.

    Best resources.

    3G pitches.

    FA Qualified coaches.

    Professional referees.


    Triball is a non-profit organisation that provides it's resources for the smallest fee, hosts free tournaments and offers free coaching and training for players.

    Accessible to all.

    Triball welcomes people of all ages, race and genders to play. It doesn't matter what your skill level, experience or ability is, if you want to play, you're welcome.

  • Triball Education Programme

    Using Triball to help look at the world differently

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    Cooperation and Respect

    How and why do we work together?

    You simply can't win a game of Triball without learning to cooperate with another team. Working with our partner organisation, Big Ben Theatre, we run workshops showing how finding common ground and understanding the motivations of others can benefit us in the long run. Our sessions normally run for 1hr and are available for all ages and skill levels. If you're interested in booking a session with us click here.

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    Politics and Philosophy

    Thinking outside of the box

    3 Sided Football was originally invented by Situationist philosopher Asger Jorn in the 1960s to demonstrate his theory of Trialectics. Since then 3SF has been used countless times to represent the conflicts inherent in oppositional political action. In our 90 minute programme, we use Triball games to illustrate complex theories of power dynamics, from 3 party politics to game theory, in an active, accessible and fun environment.

    If you're interested in booking a session with us click here.

  • Play outside the box.

    3-sided football challenges you to look at sport from a different angle.

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    Shape of play.

    3 Teams.

    3 Goals.

    Hexagonal Pitch.


    Click here to watch FIFA's video explaining the game

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    Play differently.

    Choose to work with, oppose or betray the other teams.

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    3-Sided football is founded on principles of respect, played in a friendly environment with all levels of interest and skill welcome.

  • Triball League Table

    These are the current standings in the weekly Triball League at London Bridge

    Notes: The winner of the match is the team that conceded the fewest goals, the aim in the league is to gain the fewest points. So if you win a match, you gain zero points, if you lose, you gain two. Of course in 3-sided football there are more possible results than just winning or losing. You can win (1st), get a winning draw (WDs), a total draw (TDs), come second (2nd), get a losing draw (LDs) or come third (3rd).


    If you'd like to see the Triball Fixtures list then click here and for the Results list click here

  • Join the league.

    We play every Friday evening at 7pm on the 7-a-side pitches at Tabard Gardens.

    The entrance is on Tabard Street in Southwark, near Borough Tube Station and between London Bridge and Elephant and Castle. The new season started on Friday 13th January 2017, and there's still time to join!


    Click here to join as an individual player.


    Click here if you have a team you'd like to enter.

    Just turn up!

    We can always find a space for new players!

  • Triball News.

    The new Triball season kicked off on Friday and we were treated to two nail-biting games. Pitch 2 saw the final result 8-9-10 between the three teams, including a rip-roaring debut from Streatham Rovers who dominated the first third before Partizan and Husaria turned on them, knocking them into...
    After a hard fought tournament under the Kennington lights, Kickabout FC defeated NXI and Tangent TC in the final, after NXI took them all the way to penalties, and then sudden death. A proud day for Kickabout and for Triball as we crowned our first Open Cup Champions!
  • September 27th 2017, the Triball Open Cup.

    Come one, come all! Our free tournament is open to everyone, held at 7pm in Tabard Gardens at London Bridge.

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    Try it out!

    Come and try 3sf for free!

    The Triball Open Cup is a 4-a-side, 3-sided football tournament. You can enter as an individual or as a team, we have space for everyone!


    If you'd like any more information on the tournament click here to contact us.

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